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NTSB Identification: LAX04LA276
14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation
Accident occurred Friday, July 23, 2004 in Minden, NV
Aircraft: Beech 95-B55, registration: N88CS
Injuries: 1 Uninjured.

This is preliminary information, subject to change, and may contain errors. Any errors in this report will be corrected when the final report has been completed.

On July 23, 2004, about 1745 Pacific daylight time, a Beech 95-B55, N88CS, landed with its landing gear retracted at the Minden-Tahoe Airport, Minden, Nevada. The airplane was substantially damaged during the landing, and it was additionally damaged during the subsequent ground fire. The private pilot, who was the sole occupant, was not injured. The airplane was operated by GFA Aircraft Sales, Minden, Nevada. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan was filed for the local area personal flight. The flight was performed under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 91, and it originated from Minden about 1735.

The pilot reported to the National Transportation Safety Board investigator that he performed the last annual inspection on the airplane, and thereafter, he replaced both engines' propellers. The accident occurred during the first landing on the first flight since he performed the propeller installations. The pilot stated that he was preparing the airplane for export, and he flew it around the traffic pattern to check it out. No anomalies were noted with the landing gear and its respective position indicator system.

The pilot asserted that he extended the landing gear on the downwind leg, whereupon he detected an unusual odor in the cockpit. He continued with his approach to runway 34 and landed.

A Minden airport employee inspected the runway. He reported to the Safety Board investigator that he observed propeller score marks in the runway's surface near the 1,500-foot-runway distance marker. The airplane came to rest near the 2,500-foot-runway distance marker. All of the airplane's wheels appeared stowed in the gear wells.