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(June 2011)

MCFI William Henry "Bill" Schroeder of Carson City, Nevada was selected by the Western Pacific Region. Read more....

(June 2011)
Bill Schroeder earns MasterCFI designation for the 7th time

Master Instructors LLC takes great pride in announcing a significant aviation accomplishment on the part of William H Schroeder, the 2011 Northwest Mountain Region FAASTeam Representative of the Year and resident of Carson City, Nevada. Recently, Bill's accreditation as a Master CFI (Certificated Flight Instructor) was renewed by Master Instructors LLC, the international accrediting authority for the Master Instructor designation as well as the FAA-approved "Master Instructor Programä." He first earned this national professional accreditation in 1999, has held it continuously since then, and is one of only 13 worldwide to earn the credential seven times. Read more...

(June 2009)
Master Instructor LLC Press Release

William H Schroeder, a 6-time Master, recently renewed his Master CFI accreditation. Bill is an independent flight and ground instructor in the Reno-Tahoe area specializing in advanced and mountain training. He also serves as the CAP's Nevada Wing check pilot examiner and is a FAASTeam representative in the FAA's Reno FSDO area
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(February 22, 2007)
FAA Press Release
Bill Schroeder was appointed by the FAA as the Lead Safety Representative (FAASTeam) for the Reno Flight Standards District Office

Press Coverage

BIll Schroeder featured in Tahoe Daily Tribune January 4, 2006
Flying in the mountains: Expect the unexpected Reasons for last week's crash unknown; weather could have played a role
by Christine Stanley

Also featured in Sierra Sun January 4, 2006
Flying in the mountains: Expect the unexpected

Articles written by William H. "Bill" Schroede

Flying in the Mountains -General Aviation News - April, 6, 2010

by MCFI Bill Schroeder
"When it comes to high-density altitude training, one takeoff and one landing does not meet any acceptable standard of performance." read more....

Teaching the mountain-flying checkout
MENTOR Magazine- July 2005

Down and Out, How to escape the downdraft
MENTOR Magazine -March 2003

Instructing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Teaching people to fly in a high-altitude environment

MENTOR Magazine- August 2000

Mountain Flying Survival Tips (117 kb)
"If I crashed in the mountains the first thing I would do is pour fuel on my tires and burn them, the black smoke would act as a locator signal," said Bill Schroeder, mountain flying instructor. In this article are recommendations for a pilots survival kit. Be aware of your aircrafts performance ratings and gross weight restrictions. Above all else water is most important. read more...
Mountain Flying Safety Considerations (118 kb)
When flying in the mountains, pilots have to be aware of several factors in order to insure safe flight. First, weather in the mountains is always a critical factor, especially in the winter when winds can reach speeds of over 100 mph over the ridge tops and through the many mountain passes even though the winds at the surface may be only 25 mph. read more...

Mountain Flying Checkout
High Density Altitude
Mentor Magazine, July 2005
The Federal Aviation Administration recognizes that mountainous terrain exists in over one half of the continental United States. So, it would seem reasonable that many pilots, at some time, will fly in mountainous, high-density altitude environments.

Flying into Tahoe Valley now that the tower is closed
As many of the "flight guides" have not been reissued since the tower closure, I wanted to bring everyone up to date on the current procedures for the airport.

Runway Incursions
Runway incursions—that is, proceeding onto a runway without proper clearance or, in the case of a non-towered airport, moving onto a runway that is in use, are up. Learn how to do it right at airports with or without a tower.

DOWN AND OUT - How to escape the downdraft
Article reprinted from the March 2003 Issue of "Mentor Magazine"- The official publication of Master Instructors.

Instructing In The Sierra Nevada
Article reprinted from the August Issue of "Mentor Magazine"- The official publication of Master Instructors.

News Releases

Alert to pilots: Wing upper surface ice accumulation